As Owen chatted to me while I lay in bed this morning, busily buttoning up his Indiana Jones shirt, I yawned and told him I was sleepy this morning.  He nodded seriously and said, "I thought you might be.  You worked allllll day yesterday, then you went and got your toenails painted and then you came home and you talked and you worked on the computer."  He paused and confided, "I'm just guessing about that computer part."  I told him he was right and he gave me a pleased smile.  Then from downstairs came a bellow from Leo, "OWEN, would you hurry up—we're going to be LATE."  We both giggled and I kissed him goodbye.

He was in a good mood even though evidently he will not be allowed to be part of a classroom celebration because he didn't recopy his poems onto the correct paper for 'publishing.'  I also had to spend awhile recently convincing him that he really WILL be going to first grade.  With wide eyes he insisted that he wouldn't be.  I just have to take a deep breath and believe in karma……


So come on summer…..I'm ready for dirty boys trotting home when the streetlights go on.  I'm ready to sit in my front yard and watch for bats,  I'm ready for more relaxed mornings as I'm the only one racing around getting ready to leave.  I'm ready for my GARDEN.  I may not be ready for the heat but I'm ready for most everything else.

Had a great time last night getting a pedicure and hanging out with my sister.  Of course I conked out early but she was kind and indulgent.  I hate to think about her leaving….  Oh well, tonight we celebrate her anniversary for NINETEEN years of sobriety!  Of course I'm trying new recipes as I'm wont to do but hopefully it will work out.

In other news Owen thought teeball was AWESOME last night and Leo stayed with my mom while Ernie and Owen were at the park.  This actually works out nicely as it gives my mom some time with just Leo—and that's when he chats and chats to her….so it's good for both of them.

Things are growing too….here are my little baby nasturtiums, some swiss chard seedlings (why do I always  plant everything too close when I KNOW I'm lousy at thinning?) and a colander full of tender young thyme…..




2 thoughts on “Come on summer….

  1. Owen,
    Baseball is the best sport in the whole world. I will play with you any time you want.
    Keep your butt down when fielding those grounders.