Owen's growing pains are still tormenting us.  And needless to say they're messing with his sleep and even MORE importantly they are messing with his mother's sleep….

Last night I had him take a warm bath, used a heating pad on his legs and rubbed the cute little things over and over.  He did pretty well until  he woke us up crying around 3:30ish.  He crawled into bed with us and I rubbed his legs and tried to get him to stretch them out.  He woke up crying one more time.  I'd give him a banana but my husband has a habit of buying green bananas to make sure they aren't overripe.  That's great except that every time I go to get a banana they're fucking green.  For the love of God Ernest….buy some YELLOW bananas.

See?  I told you I was cranky.

Ernie's going to call the doctor today to see if they have any suggestions.

Oh….and yeah, Owen told me he was having a hard time keeping Grandpa out of his head, especially when he's at school.

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  1. I think the green bananas are a man thing, my husband seems to think the greener the better. Like I want to plan to be in the mood for a banana in two weeks when they are finally ripe! Sheesh!

  2. I was gonna recommend more bananas. The last couple of times I’ve been to the store, there haven’t but anything but green bananas.

  3. I was gonna recommend more bananas. The last couple of times I’ve been to the store, there haven’t but anything but green bananas.

  4. Potassium is something to consider, which you are doing with the bananas, but what about Magnesium? I get incredible leg and hip pain when I’m low. It is depleted when one is under stress, and Grandpa dying and Dad being sick are reason enough for a kid to feel stress.
    Ask doctor about a calcium/mag supplement with a higher mag ratio? Lots and lots of leafy greens? Kale in some chicken soup?

  5. also, I meant to say that epsom salts in the bath might help. I think the skin absorbs some of the magnesium in the salts.

  6. I agonized with growing pains as a child and well into my teens. My parents would give me a glass of apricot nectar in the evenings as a precaution. It helped. It was convenient for them to keep a large can on hand.

  7. You know what I used to do? I’d tell ’em “I’ll give you something to cry about!”
    No, wait…I meant, “Eat some bananas.”. My bad.
    Do they not ripen up quicker in the fridge and/or in a brown paper sack?

  8. I would ditto the Magnesium thing. My doc, who is a sports medicine specialist, recommended “Slo Mag” a time-released magnesium supplement. Does Owen do pills? Magnesium is often overlooked as a remedy for cramping, but it works tremendously. It also helps things like eyelids that twitter [stress related usually] and arm muscles that twitch.

  9. Bananas just turn black when it’s cold (like in the fridge). Putting them in a paper bag would help ripen them faster. If you can, find something that is still producing a lot of ethylene (the gas that helps things ripen). Usually things that are ripe are still putting out a lot of it. I think ripe (vine-ripened) tomatoes and bananas put off a good amount.

  10. Cynthia, I had sleeping problems when I was a child too. I used to call dreaming, “going to the bottom of the bed,” because dreams terrified me and I’d end up under the covers and the foot of my bed and yelling for my mother.
    I hate to suggest medication for a child so young, but maybe your doc would know of some more “natural” type of treatment.
    I still have sleep issues as an adult, as a result of the ones I had as a kid. But now I can get legal drugs, and they solve the issue.