The weekend crawled by at the same time it flew by.  How is that?  Friday after my wonderful meeting and school we rushed the boys home and into the car and met my sister and my mother for a viewing of the all-important Indiana Jones movie.  Here is Owen on his way in full regalia:


As he got out of the car he all of a sudden was nervous and said he was afraid people would laugh at him.  His constant bedeviler Leo reassured him that they wouldn't.  Owen just stopped and stared at Leo and said, "why are you being so nice to me if you hate me?  I don't get it."  Leo made some inarticulate growling noise but the damage was done…..he'd been nice to his brother….

Leo found the movie a little 'weird and scary' but Owen positively cackled all the way through it.  Afterwards we back to Mom's house and had an impromptu pizza party with our friends Ann and Bob. Overall a lovely day but I COLLAPSED once I got home.

Saturday morning I couldn't drag myself out of bed so Ernie hit the farmers' market for me (good man).  Brought home strawberries, asparagus and two of the best pork chops I have eaten in my life.  Kudos to Triple S Farms…..Lisa, Mel and others are right—–we really need to start buying more of our meat there.

So we spent much of the weekend getting the garden put together….buying some plants, planting them, weeding (well Ernie anyway) and pulling out our fountain, etc.  Leo camped out in a tent with some friends Sunday night.  He did fine but I didn't sleep well AT ALL.  I wouldn't let Owen go and he just sobbed and hiccuped, "why do all the big kids get to have all the fun?"  It's hard being the youngest sometimes….

Things are blooming and lush in our yard and Monday felt like summer with the wretched humidity….



On Memorial Day we went out to the cemetery.  They were having a Memorial Day service complete with soldiers, the guys in capes (what are they called Debbie?) etc.  It pleased me so much because it makes the cemetery an even better spot for Dad.  I had brought ferns, hosta leaves, peonies and honeysuckle branches to lay on the graves of Dad and Ernie's parents.  Of course I had planned to lay it out in a certain way but Owen thought we should circles Grandpa's grave with the ferns "because he was a good man."  Couldn't argue with that so circle he did.  I stood with Leo in front of my beloved mother-in-law's grave and Leo just solemnly said, "Grandma Alice made the best milkshakes in the world."  Quite a legacy.  Whenever we make milkshakes we talk about Grandma Alice.

We went back to my mother's house and we had brought a picnic-y kind of lunch although it was too cool and gray for my mother to sit outside.  Grilled chicken, roasted asparagus, a darn good potato salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert….asparagus and strawberries from the farmers' market.  Then we all thought we'd immediately fall asleep between the big lunch and the temperature my mother keeps her house at…..  I should have just put myself out of my misery and taken a nap but I didn't want to 'waste' the afternoon so I stayed up and was grumpy.  Makes sense, huh?  The evening ended well however with a triumphant neighborhood lemonade stand (I'm still trying to get the concept across that the lemonade mix isn't FREE but we have a ways to go) and a viewing of Owen's new favorite, E.T.  He looked up in amazement at the end and said, "I didn't even cry this time."  I just snuggled with him a lot.  A good evening.  Then I got mad at Ernie because I gave him a plate of food with a fork I had used to take a bite of the LAST of the potato salad that I was giving him and he rejected it for a clean fork. Should have taken a nap…..

Oh…..and as we were sitting at the cemetery

Owen: Do you know who looks like Indiana Jones?
Me:  No, who?
Owen:  Don
Me:  Don Gerard?
Owen:   yup
Me:  Well, I think Don is a little younger than Indiana Jones
Owen (scrunching up his face and thinking):  Is Don in his 50's?
Me:  uh, no Owen.  Don is younger than Mommy and she's still in her 40's
Owen:  well, when Don is in his 60's he'll look just like Indiana Jones

Happy Memorial Day everyone…..

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  1. What a fun posting and I love the pictures – especially the picture of Indiana Owen Jones! Love, Judi