1.  I’m supposed to be asleep….but here I sit.  I took a sleeping pill last night but those things fuck with me so I’m on my own tonight.  I guess it’s better this way.

2.  Ernie and I went and picked out cemetery plots for my folks last night.  Of course we forgot the checkbook…bright, huh?….so we had to go back to Rantoul today to drop off a check.  We were both bleary but I saw a snake as I walked to the van so that woke me up.  We were both kind of quiet but it felt good to drive out in the country with music playing.  I had an old Kevin Welch tape of Western Beat on.  It’s old and worn so if I turn it up too loud it sounds terrible but I played it loudly anyway.  We felt better driving back home so as I drove Ernie acted out the Kevin Welch and Mike Henderson parts from the couple of videos off that album. Why aren’t THOSE videos on frigging youtube?

3.  Speaking of Kevin Welch videos there was one on tv the other day but as I was on the phone talking about my father’s funeral I didn’t feel that I could say "can I call you back because I REALLY need to watch a fifteen year old video."  I just kept talking and poked my head through the door to watch….

4. Speaking yet again of Kevin Welch and Kieran Kane (et. al.) it looks like our insanity is really going to pay off as we have now officially booked them to play at our 20th wedding anniversary this fall.  We need to send the contract off with a boatload of money (not that they don’t deserve far more…it’s just in our little household it’s a boatload of money) and then they will be OURS (so to speak).  Something to look forward to.  Part of my whole living-the-hell-out-of-the-present approach to life…..

5.  Is this the cutest picture you’ve ever seen?  O.k., o.k., you’ve heard me talk before about how much I love my Sarah Eckhardt and just look at her with her baby!!!!  And Silas is even wearing Leo (and then Owen’s) old raincoat that Debbie sent them. I couldn’t bear to give that away to just anyone so I saved it for Silas….


6.  Met with the priest today with my sister Debbie and my mother and tried to make all the decisions for my father’s funeral. 

7.  Annette….I love you.

8.  People are SO kind.

10.  Perhaps it’s time for bed. I took some pictures in my yard recently but I’m too tired to upload them.

11.  Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone….I have been SO touched by them.

12.  Sleep well.