One of my favorite local bloggers, Katherine from Chambana Fanna Fo Fanna has started a News-Gazette blog and recently wrote a post on Mother’s Day and local blogs by mothers.  In it she linked to several of us and described me as ‘sarcastic and music obsessed.’

Sarcastic and music obsessed.  I am delighted.  Katherine, I love you!

You know sometimes you’re in the midst of the blur of the present and you begin to feel like you’ve lost some of what makes you you…..  I think if I had to describe myself right now I’d say ‘aging and stressed out’ or ‘frazzled but caring’ or even ‘overweight and on antidepressants.’  Instead she saw ‘sarcastic and music obsessed.’  It made me feel more like me.  I asked Ernie, "am I sarcastic?" and he just rolled his eyes.  Huh.  Music obsessed….I guess I am….it feels natural to me. ME.

Sarcastic and music obsessed.  You know….nowhere in that description does it say aging parents, kids, cancer, alzheimer’s.

Thank you SO much Katherine.

3 thoughts on “Sarcastic and Music Obsessed

  1. Is there any of that chicken left? Beans? How about brownies?
    Lemme know.
    Why didn’t anybody take a picture of Bernie sitting and talking to Owen? It looked like Bernie built a time machine and went back to talk to himself as a child…

  2. I often feel like I’ve lost a lot of what makes me me (and I understand about the “music obsessed” part, dontcha know) but it sure is nice to have that part be the first thing people see about you.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t lose any part of this thing that makes us us. It’s just that we’ve added so much more, that it seems like it’s been crowded out. But it’s still fundamentally there, and that’s good.