too bleary to post this morning….Owen was up multiple times in the night crying with leg cramps.  Any ideas?  He wasn’t dehydrated as he managed to pee in our bed thank you very much.  It had happened the other night but he’d biked and run from dawn to dusk….not yesterday though.  It’s horrible to see him in pain and I might as well have skipped trying to sleep….ugh…

In other news my sweet Leo got an award for academic achievement yesterday.  He’d been pretty pleased about it in his own quiet way but yesterday getting ready for the ceremony he was absolutely foul–screaming about the shirt I got him, etc.  Finally my foggy brain clicked in and I said, "Leo honey, are you nervous about this?" and he kind of growled and said, "DUH."  Now normally I would not consider that an appropriate response but given how clueless I’d been I didn’t complain.  He looked gorgeous and confident accepting his award however even though afterward he just said, "I did NOT like that."  He is however, proud of his award.  He has really been blessed with a great teacher this year—-he has been a good fit for Leo anyway which I guess is what a lot of it is all about.

O.K….we didn’t manage any good pictures…here he is walking up the steps to the stage of the Great Hall at KCPA.


and afterwards with Aunt Debbie and Grandma in the lobby:


I went to church with my sister Debbie and Owen yesterday.  It was much more painful being there without my father than I could have imagine.  I made it through the first part of the mass but I pretty much cried throughout the rest of it.  Owen tried to comfort me by hugging me, telling me I’m the best mom in the world and finally, when nothing else worked….suggested I think about E.T.

The other evening we put on the tv and watched the second half of E.T.  The boys had seen the first half once but lost interest.  The other night it was raining and we all snuggled together to watch it.  Owen got very anxious and worried as it progressed.  Finally when E.T. came back to life and his spaceship came to get him he sobbed with happiness.  Sobbed.  I hugged him and said, "honey are you sad about Grandpa" and he haltingly replied between hiccups, "no, I’m just SO happy that E.T. went home.  I’m just sooooo happy."  As he blew his nose I hugged him and asked him if he wanted to sleep in our bed that night.  I have a feeling I am the first of many to be manipulated by that boy…..