Yesterday as Leo, Owen and I cavorted in the pool the boys talked about what to do for Daddy for Father's Day.  Their big plan was to clear the Lego off the dining room table because they thought it would make Daddy very happy.  Smart boys.   Leo suggested we actually eat AT the dining room table after that (gasp) but I commented that we were going to have a picnic with our neighbors for Father's Day.  Leo drew himself up proudly and said, "I know nothing of this."  I SWEAR to god….my 8 year old said, "I know nothing of this."  Where did he come from?  He liked the idea once he got over the insult of not being consulted about it.

The food was great and since a storm hit just as we were going to eat we crowded onto Dave's porch for our feast.  Afterwards the sun shone and there were water balloon jousts and other games followed by ice cream. 

A wonderfully successful Father's Day celebration although I worry over how tired Ernie gets sometimes.  It was good to celebrate with friends though.  All of us–Jeff, Gail, Dave, Ernie and I—have lost our fathers….most of  us within the last year or thereabouts.  So it was nice to instead focus on the wonderful fathers those three men are and watch them with their kids—-all the way from Owen at 6 years old to Jennifer at 20….  Good fathers….good kids…