Does that look like a LITTLE?  I can barely tie my hair back.  O.K… let's take a little vote.  Who is crazier/braver?  Me…for asking Ernie to trim my hair?  or Ernie…..for agreeing to do it?

4 thoughts on “I told him to just trim a LITTLE!

  1. You lost your mind for a second and Ernie had a moment of insanity? Who would have thought it would occur at exactly the same time

  2. Ah! Men have no concept of subtle. I cut my husband’s hair (badly) and it’s always stressful. Luckily he really doesn’t care what he looks like as long as he doesn’t have to look in the mirror.
    I don’t blame you though. I never even try to do my hair these days. It seems like such a waste to pay someone to cut it.

  3. I’d go with both… you’re crazy for asking him to cut your hair, and he’s brave for agreeing to do it.