O.K…..I love Berni for many reasons.  It was so great to see Wendy and him at our what shall I call it….Kenny/Paul/Pat party awhile back. (oh and by the way Kenny—-I keep meaning to email you but I never manage—I keep thinking I want to tell you how wonderful that evening was and what perfect timing it was that it gave us a little boost before we went into a tough month…..).  Anyway…..one of the particular things I'm liking about Berni right now is that he spends almost as much time as we do on youtube.  One of my new favorite things is to check what his new favorited videos are.  This is the most recent:

Of course my favorite spot is when Bowie is singing with his arm around Mick Ronson.  Ahhhhh.

On an unrelated note here is a 1980 Artful Dodger video.  Now take a look at the lead singer and picture him with blonde hair and no tie—-and that's kind of what Ernie looked like when I met him (January 17, 1981 for those who are counting…..).  Ahhhhhhhh is right!