1. Judi took me to Cafe Luna for lunch yesterday.  Wonderful food (although the menu had said 'spicy seared tuna sandwich' and there was no spice to be found at all) but the service was LOUSY.  I tend to be pretty forgiving but it was laughably bad.  I sure hope they get things tightened up because it would be a shame to let that get in the way of very good food.  I noticed in the comments on Champaign Taste that quite a few other people complained about service.  And let's face it, it's not like we have the highest standards around here….

2.  Leo's Lego has STILL not been delivered. Poor Ernie spent hours on the phone with DHL and the post office, etc. Leo's big brown eyes keep getting bigger and sadder. The plan today is to drive Aunt Judi to the airport in Bloomington this morning, then race home to see if it's here and if it's not they plan to stage a sit-in at the post office.  Wish them luck.

3.  Aunt Judi went to t-ball with Ernie and Owen last night.  Owen was so happy.  Here she is wearing his Grand Ole Opry baseball cap.


And here's my giant boy.  He ended up getting a small t-shirt and since he's monster  sized it's awfully small but he insists on wearing it.  His first game is Wednesday so I guess I have to go.  My sweet pea.


4.  It was great to have Judi here even though it went so fast.  She looks great and I loved her hair! I like short hair—not that you can tell by my hair these days.  I tried to convince her that she doesn't look post-chemo—she just looks like she has short hair!  So we went to McDonald's with the guys (good LORD I hate doing that) and the woman at the register immediately asked her if she was just out of chemo.  Geesh.  Of course turns out the woman was seven months out of chemo so she was probably a little more senstive to it.  We laughed…..because you have to….but I still think it looks great.

5.  Well, we've been going back and forth and back and forth about going to Maine this year.  Can you imagine what our gas bills will be like? Two full days of driving each way.  And we're spending more money than we should on Kane Welch Kaplin (not that it won't be worth it) for our party this fall.  By all rights we should cancel Maine.

But…..we didn't.  Ernie just sent the remainder of the rental fee for the house off yesterday. I need Maine.

6.  Are any other local people having a rotten time since Comcast took over from Insight?  Between the annoying new compose window for Typepad and lousy internet connections I feel like I'm stuttering on the computer all the time….

7. And look at this Vertebrats fans….