1. Our storm door is old and decrepit and evil children (belonging to us) destroyed not just the screen, but the entire frame of the screen that goes into it in the summer.  So I did some research online and we decided to set off to purchase a new storm door.  We always feel so adult when doing things like this. I know we should be feeling adult all the time but  we just don't.  Maybe someday?

So anyway, guess what?  

We do not have a standard sized door.  It's taller than a standard door.  I like having an old house so I can't complain BUT it would have to be custom made and the cheapest we could come up  with would be something like $600 with installation.  We discovered this while in Lowe's. Lowe's has a strange effect on Ernie and me.  It is a rare day we make a trek to Lowe's and do  NOT argue. I don't know what it is—-there is something about the environment that makes us irritate  each other incredibly.  Now Menard's does not have this effect on us.  So why do we still go to Lowe's?  I don't really know….sometimes you have to check out different places….and Menard's is starting to irritate me now that you can buy everything from salad dressing to novels to mattresses there.  It's just not right.  Anyway…so Lowe's had one more victory as we grumbled at each other and got really frustrated by doors.  Grrrr.  I guess we're going to try to give the old door a makeover….$600 for something nonessential is not in my budget at the moment.  Hell, you've got to have priorities. We'd rather spend our money driving to Maine or bringing our favorite musicans to our house….

2. I'm trying to tell myself that Owen is in the midst of some kind of growth spurt or something.  First there were all those growing pains, now he won't stop EATING and he has been incredibly FRUUUUSTRATING of late.  He gets tired and whiny and I want to kill him…he thinks everybody is mean to him….things escalate and then all of a sudden he gets it under control and cheerfully apologizes, "sorry about that fussing Mommy." which you gratefully accept but you STILL want to kill him.  I'm hoping he gets through this phase quickly…..

3. As some of you know, my blog has brought me great pleasure in not only reconnecting with old friends but also making new ones.  Annie is a friend of my sister Judi and I love her and am pleased to know that she reads my blog.  She sent me this email recently and I HAD to share it.  She wrote:

I hate to admit how proud I am of my new vacuum cleaner, please don't
spread it around because I have a reputation as a not-so-fastidious
housekeeper. But I was intrigued by the family resemblance between my
new Electrolux and my neighbor's car.


4.  OH….and I almost forgot—thank  you SO much for the appetizer ideas.  They are GREAT—keep 'em coming….

2 thoughts on “Just a Few Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Cynthia–I thought I was the only remaining parent who has trouble feeling like an adult. AFter 57 years, I’m having trouble with the concept. My son, who decided to wait a couple of years after High School before starting college, remarked recently as he trotted off to a friend’s UofI graduation party [his class mostly graduated this year]–“Now they all have to be adults now”.

  2. There is a salvage store between LeRoy and Farmer City on Hwy 150 which stocks hundreds of old doors and does custom doors. I’m guessing it would be a big $ saver for you.