1.  I have been terribly upset by Ted Kennedy's diagnosis and treatment of cancer.   Not surprising I suppose….lots of flashpoints there for me…..cancer, age, brain surgery (my father had a brain tumor and numerous surgeries when I was young)…..but it has made me incredibly sad. Very, very sad.

2.  The other day as Owen was leaving the house in full Indiana Jones regalia I said, "bye Indy."  He paused, strode back in, kissed me and said, "bye Marion."

3.  Owen is being resistant to wearing ANYTHING other than his Indiana Jones outfit.  Please note that includes long pants and a long sleeved shirt and it's going to be 90 degrees this week.  I tried to convince him that I'm sure Indy wears shorts when it's really hot out but he just shook his head slowly and said, "Harrison Ford might…but not Indy….."  How do you argue with that?

4. Ernie says I'm a Lego enabler.  huh.  I say we merely have a Lego-centric household. However the Starks family very kindly (they have felt sorry for us when they saw the sea of lego drifting across the first floor of our house) gave us a wonderful Lego table.  The guys are thrilled and so are we because Lego City has actually remained OFF the floor for over two days now.  Woo-hoooooo!

5. My car stinks to high heaven again…I would have left my windows open today except it's supposed to rain. I'm sure it's just cooking away in the heat.  Oh well….I'm passing it off to my sister Judi this evening.  No radio, no air conditioning and now it stinks….she's REALLY going to appreciate the loan….

6.  One of my sugar snap pea vines has reached the top of its little trellis!!!!

7.  My sister Debbie gave us a panini press and although I don't know where the hell I'll put it…I love it!  We made the most wonderful sandwiches the other day….big slices of rosemary olive oil bread with some chicken breast, prosciutto, pesto, arugula and smoked gouda cheese. Almost sounds like a case of too many ingredients but they were absolutely amazing sandwiches.  I'm all about crunchy grill marks on bread…yay!

One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Those sandwiches sound like the bomb! Are you kidding me? I got some amazingly good arugula from Blue Moon at the market the other week.
    Too bad the Indy movie wasn’t very good.