Yes, send birthday wishes to Ernie because that's all the poor man is getting from his loving wife.  I didn't even have the boys make cards (although Leo did write a letter to his teacher since it's the last day of school.  It said, "Dear Mr. Hansen,  You are the best teacher I've ever had.  I'll miss you.  Love, Leo.  Uh…Owen did not make a card).  Somehow, even though I'm feeling a little more normal as the days go on I am still not quite on top of things.  We also have said that we won't do birthday presents/mother's day/father's day/etc. to save all available funds (well hell, unavailable as well) for our anniversary party with Kane Welch Kaplin this fall.  I'd make him a cake except I don't bake well and he doesn't really LIKE cake….  Am I making excuses?  uh-huh….

I did get him a flood for his birthday however.  Yup….here's the field next to our house where the guys play:


You should see our alley and my flooded car that is half way up the block….oh, and yeah, our basement that has things floating in it.  Ernie just walked the guys to school and some streets are blocked off because of water.  I heard it raining in the night but geesh….I thought it was just you know….RAINING….  Guess I'll be a little late for work today.  Ernie will have to drive me since my car is flooded (although this happened the other day and the 'check engine' light went off for the first time in several months.  See?  I can find silver linings).  We should be able to drive behind our garage across part of the field to someone else's driveway.

Ernie's birthday is not all a loss however.  We do have a babysitter coming over this evening AND he got an incredible gift from his brother last night.  I've bragged before about my brothers-in-law.  Dennis is known for wonderful gifts but this year he outdid himself.  It's perfect because it's something JUST for Ernie and that's really what he needs right now.


It's the perfect present—-something he wanted but wouldn't get for himself.  He sold his amp many, many moons ago to Berni Proeschl and over the years has said he wanted to get another one but something was always in the way and God knows the man is really bad at doing anything for himself….  Anyway….a flood and an amp for my beloved birthday boy…..

8 thoughts on “Send Birthday Wishes….

  1. I am extremely jealous. Happy Birthday, Ernie! Don’t plug into it while standing in the basement, though.

  2. Happy birthday to Ernie! Nice amp. Our basement flooded, too — or would have, if my esteemed partner hadn’t shop-vacc’d from about 1:30 a.m. to about 6:30 the other morning. Flooding around by you looks/sounds like it was worse.