After work I went to Owen’s first t-ball game and smirked myself silly.  I have rarely been so continually entertained for a solid hour.  Now if it had gone much longer it might have worn off but honest to god it was amusing.  We’ve got to figure out how to have Owen not play so hard all day on his t-ball days as yesterday he was damn tired by the time he got there….little yawns through the whole thing and his running was a somewhat sleepy lope for him.  He was incredibly happy throughout though.

He’s bursting through all his clothes….he looked as though he could have eaten some of the other kids for a snack. I swear I’m going shopping this weekend. I had innocently figured that having two boys two years apart would give me hand-me-downs for the younger one.  Ha.


Leo chose to hang out at Grandma’s house.  I don’t mind as I think it’s nice for them so have some time one on one. 

Just talked to my mother and she didn’t sound so hot…she woke in the night with a pounding heart. Hmmmm.  I am taking her to see her doctor tomorrow so I guess if she seems o.k. we’ll wait until then.


Well, since I’m in popster kind of mood here’s some more Phil Seymour—this time looking much cooler while playing drums for Dwight Twilley.  Notice a skinny little Tom Petty back there playing as well.  Ahhhhh……sweet babyfaced popsters….

One thought on “T-ball, Pounding Hearts and Pop Songs

  1. It’s amazing how different siblings can be. Size, personality, it seems like they are different species at times. Of course, then someone makes a fart joke. Boys…I can’t believe I’m going to have one of those.