The Lego package finally came. Whew.

It didn't come with the mail so Ernie started calling the number the post office had given him.  Evidently this is a phone in a hallway somewhere as the only two times it was answered was once by a technician  working on a computer and this time by a mail carrier who was just walking by.  Luckily he was a kind mail  
carrier and went and checked on it and said yes, it was up front—looked like it's been there the whole time so evidently it was there when Ernie called on Monday.  GRRRR.  My Leo was tremendously happy however and even talked to me on the phone (a rarity) to tell my about it.

Later that evening I walked into the living room only to see Bob the cat with the string on the Lego harbor crane hanging from his mouth.  The evil beast had eaten it.  Much screaming ensued as Leo and I shrieked, "oh my God, Bob ate the hook!  Spit it out Bob, spit it out!!!"  Ernie did not join in the hysteria he merely commented that he was NOT going through the cat's poop to look for the hook.  Thanks Ern. Leo was distraught and even said that he hated Bob (and Leo loves Bob with a passion).  I promised Leo we'd get a new hook even if we had to call Lego.

Oh Bob.  It's bad enough you pick up the Lego wheels in your mouth and take them to your secret stash….but now the Lego crane?

Luckily an hour or so later Leo found the hook—evidently Bob had confined himself to the string.  I carefully tied it back on the great relief of both boys. At that point the Lego pressure had exhausted me and I went to bed.