Woo-hoooooo.  I LOVE having a Vertebrats alert!   This news came via Matt's Vertebrats blog…..

On Sunday, June 8 the next official installment of the radio version of the 'Secret History of Chicago Music' will air at 11 p.m. central time on WGN-720 a.m. on the Nick Digilio show.  The segment will feature….THE VERTEBRATS!.  This week's strip will be in the Reader….you can catch the webcast/stream deal at http://wgnradio.com/listen/index.htm and strips are archived online at http://www.chicagoreader.com/features/stories/secrethistory.

Guess I'll have to stay up 'late' huh?  When I was in high school my mother and I had a deal that whomever got up first could pick the radio station.  I of course would always pick WLS….she would pick WGN.  There are times that I just can't believe that I now sometimes listen to WGN….I mean, it's for grownups, right?  Times change…..huh?  Or then again, maybe not…..

Is that OUR Annette that is thanked?

oh…..and I must say I don't know if the picture of Roy does him justice…..sorry Roy…..we know better….