You know, sometimes I think I can see wonderful details when I look at things..Unfortunately I have no way to replicate them or turn them into something new like an artist can.  My beloved 'Piecrust' sent me this drawing he did of Jason Ringenberg's legs and shoes from the night he was at our house.  It made me so happy.

© Dick Detzner

In other news, the closing of my mother's house is coming up quickly.  Yesterday we loaded 25 boxes of books out of the house and left them at Jane Addams for them to look at.  We saved some of the best books on antiques to sell ourselves….at least I THINK we did….it all becomes a blur after awhile.  Today we go back to the house pack up the final odds and ends that we want to take, and things like the set of Scribner's books my father had collected for the boys.  Ernie will still need to rent a truck to bring my mother's cupboard back to our house as it won't fit in our van. 

We are also going to start going through the boxes from the…..gulp….basement.  Hopefully Ernie won't be attacked by a possum this time.  I don't think he's particularly looking forward to going down there….

The house is getting pretty empty except for the mess made from our sorting and packing.



It felt really good to have the books out of the house.  Better than I could have imagined. 

So onward, right?