Some days feel full of worries. I worry about the guys for various reasons. I worry about Ernie for obvious reasons. I have the everyday worries about work, house, yard, school…..and sometimes I worry about myself for god only knows why reasons. But yesterday….there was not a worry in sight and it will most likely go down as the best Mother's Day ever.

They let me sleep a whole half hour later than usual (gee, thanks) but I couldn't complain because I woke up with a boy on either side of the bed smiling at me and giving me kisses and hugs. I went down stairs and partook of Ernie's Sunday biscuits and looked at the computer and the newspaper. Later Ernie took me to Prairie Gardens so I could get a couple of plants for our windowbox. I did the unfathomable and only spent a little over $6. I know…I don't understand it either. We got back home and I puttered with my windowbox and made the boys move mulch for me. I can not begin to tell you how much I love watching the two of them do yard work. They were quite amenable although they did give their standard response when I thanked them: "why thank us when you forced us to do it?" I just roll my eyes at them and thank them anyway. 



Watching them do stuff like this is pretty entertaining. Leo shovels mulch into the wheelbarrow and most of it actually makes it into the wheelbarrow.  Owen….not so much….he has great enthusiasm…but the only about 1/4 of the mulch makes it in….about 1/4 falls short and about 1/2 goes too far. It's like watching them swim. Leo is straight and efficient….Owen seems to have an extra limb or two and there is great splashing….  



Then there was a lot of kindle reading on my part and playstation conniving on their part. I took a NAP and enjoyed it greatly. Then the boys explained their plan for the rest of the day. Ernie was to take me out for a drink so Owen could prepare dinner in private. After dinner they would be escorting me to the media room for family movie night and I, yes, I, got to pick the movie. They just stood there grinning at me and I told them how absolutely wonderful that sounded.

We obediently vacated the premises and Ernie only took four phone calls during the hour we were out. We came home to the most divine smelling smoked/grilled chicken ever. I retired to the front yard with my kindle while Ernie assisted with final preparations. I came back in and Owen, in full waiter regalia and a slight English accent, explained that he would be waiting on me as well as cooking. He explained that he had duct taped a blanket over the kitchen door so I wouldn't have to see a messy kitchen while I ate. Then Ernie and I were served the greatest grilled chicken ever (he uses smoked paprika and wood chips to make the fire particularly hot and smoky…that boy is a masterful griller) corn on the cob (he cooked it absolutely perfect in the microwave….huh) and sauteed swiss chard.




Leo scurried in and out of the kitchen during the meal and after we finished he produced his world famous brownies, fresh and warm, on my favorite blue willow plates. After all that I was escorted to the media room where we all watched one of Ernie's favorite movies that he had just picked up, Waiting for Guffman. Owen and Ernie howled throughout. Leo and I enjoyed watching the two of them watch it. At one point I said to Leo, "I think this is the best Mother's Day ever" and he tried not to smile but then he couldn't help it—-he grinned and said quietly, "I'm happy to hear that." They traded off sitting next to me and even put up with me hugging them a lot. When the movie was over lo and behold it was almost 10:00 and Leo said, "well, why don't we go up?" and so we did. I hugged them and kissed them and told them it was the best Mother's Day ever. I told them as much as I loved my mother I wasn't sure I'd ever given her such a wonderful day and that I so appreciated all they had done for me. They smiled proudly. Lord….I just can't tell you how much I adore those boys. I will savor the memory of this Mother's Day always.


5 thoughts on “Best

  1. Okay, my jaw dropped at the part where your kid put SAUTEED SWISS CHARD on the menu.
    LOVELOVELOVE the detail about the blanket and duct tape.
    What amazing boys you have!