It's really not like me to have an event named after myself. And normally we don't particularly celebrate birthdays in a big way….but somehow we started joking about CynthiaFest and it has stuck. CynthiaFest isn't really about my birthday….it's more about so many of my friends turning 50 (or thereabouts…and thereabouts again) and reveling in it…despite not understanding how the passage of time has brought us here. CynthiaFest will be a celebration of being here….and enjoying the here and now, warts and all. I hope you can join us. If you're not on our email list, please just let us know.

Phil Lee. It's hard to adequately describe Phil Lee. He's a funny, outrageous character with a wicked, wicked wit. He has incredible innate talent and can write songs that quietly hurt….hit you right in the chest, you know? More than that though, he's one of the loveliest people we've met. Ernie and I are fortunate to have the most wonderful of neighbors, and given that our house is too crowded to put anyone up, our friends Vickie and Greg often graciously put up our guests. When I emailed Greg the other day about Phil's schedule he sent me back an email that said, "Phil is a gentleman and fun to host, he is welcome here pretty much any time that we are home". I loved that….it such a perfect and true description of Phil. He is a gentleman. He's very special and if you haven't seen him live you really ought to…. This will be an incredibly fun evening… Oh, and as an added incentive, after this one we don't have anything scheduled til October so you should definitely make it!!!



Oh yeah, and he throws knives too….maybe we can get him to give a demonstration….





3 thoughts on “CynthiaFest, Phil Lee and Celebrating the Here and Now

  1. I can’t WAIT for CynthiaFest! AND Phil Lee!
    ‘songs that quietly hurt’.. you are so right Cynthia. One of my very favorite PL songs is ’25 Mexicans’. Beautiful, touching, tragic.. it pretty much takes my breath away. Whew!
    And as far as birthdays go, both Phil and I will be there to remind everyone that 60 is maybe even better than 50! hahahaha