Woke up. Stretched because I ached a little. The better the house concert the worse I sleep so I slept terribly last night. Too much happiness.

Got up, came downstairs. Looked at the computer while I ate one of Van's cookies. Ernie and I sat and smiled at each other and lazily talked about how incredible Rod Picott had been the night before and what a lovely person he is. Then we smiled some more.

Ernie made me my standard bagel with peanut butter. I took a bite and realized I could be having a leftover piece of Dick "Piecrust" Detzner's apple pie instead. Set the bagel aside, enjoyed the pie. That boy and pie….

Looked at some of the pictures from last night. Edited the curry powder off my shirt in the picture with Rod, Ernie and Owen.

Thought about writing a blog post but realized I wasn't there yet.

Thought about listening to music but realized I was still too full up from last night.

Went back upstairs and laid in bed, alternating between reading and thinking about last night.

Came downstairs and sat here listening to Leo and Jair playing some video game in the next room while Owen convinced Ernie take him to the hardware store so he could spend some of his money on purchasing more drawer pulls to create hidden blades a la Ezio. I just luxuriated in the soft air and the slightly messy house….the living room floor filled with pillows and blankets from the boys' sleepover…

Admired the Gerking poster that Rod signed. Found the spot where he signed the big guitar.

Realized that I'm not going to get a damn thing done today….at least in terms of productivity.

Decided I'm fine with that.

Yet again I wished that I could fully articulate to people the strength and heart and beauty of Rod's music. I love all his cds but Welding Burns is well, for lack of a better word, it's a masterpiece, and good God but Rod brought it to life last night.

My Father's Tattoo has never sounded better than it did last night….same for Sheetrock Hanger….same for all of it….

Thought about what damn nice acoustics my little house has.

Thought about Rod's stories about his parents. Thought about how much I love Maine accents.

Looked at Owen's guitar and was pleased that he decided Rod should sign it in the spot he'd been saving for someone special. Marveled at Owen's ear for a song.

Thought to myself that the fact that Leo has listened to a particular Pendulum concert 86 times is pretty damn special too. 

Thought to myself how thankful we are for all the friends, new and old, that came and shared this with us last night.

Decided to go back upstairs and finish my book.




loved watching Dick busily sketch as he watched and listened to Rod






Nice to know that Annie was not going to let a pesky house concert get in the way of her favorite window.

me and my beloved Peggy

me and my guys, and no curry powder on my shirt….





4 thoughts on “What I’ve Done on Post Rod Picott Day

  1. Another STUPENDOUS Sandwich Life House Concert! Thanks, Cynthia and Ernie! And Rod!

  2. Dick said it was his all–time favorite house concert, incredible music. And I heard the chicken was quite good. What a wonderful night. Love you all so much!!

  3. That was a great house concert, I’m glad I was able to make it. Plus, bonding with Owen after the show…he cracks me up.
    I’m a new Rod Picott fan! 🙂

  4. I didn’t see you or Ernie at the Springfield, IL Antique Show! No doubt wrapping up after the house concert. It was a great show – pressed glass, shell-edge Leeds,Cream-ware!