1. Ernie returns the rented cello today. Owen never took to it although we made him finish out the school year. I think once he realized that it wasn't a stand up bass it was all over for him….

2. Here are my beloved non-bi-fold doors with their pretty little Bennington knobs. They look so pretty in the sun….awwwwww….

P1100861 _Snapseed

3. Good God but I think John Fogerty is the cutest thing…regardless of the goofy scarf around his neck…but it works for him. And his damned songs….so good. Yes, God help me, I watched American Idol last night. I was kind of in and out so I missed some of it but I thought Fogerty was wonderful—I just can't help but grin. Aerosmith seemed to be in slow motion to me…made me kinda sad.

4. We've got a tentative date for Kevin Gordon to be at our house in October. Cross your fingers that this works out…this would make a fall line up of Kevin Gordon, David Olney and Sergio Webb, and, assuming Fats isn't too busy off playing with Jack White, Fats Kaplin and the glorious Kristi Rose at Christmas time. Now mind you…that's a long stretch….from June 23rd (CynthiaFest) to mid October….but I guess I should restrain myself. I was kinda thinking about trying to get Eric and Peter to come back….it's hard….I think I'd probably make a good addict.

5. This Kevin Gordon song sticks in my bed like a CRAZY thing.


6. I'm using a couple of my personal days–or floating holidays—whatever they're called so I will have 5, count'em FIVE days off. And what is the forecast for said days? Oh 99 degrees or so the whole freaking time.  Geesh.

7. And NOW as your final treat…..watch this incredible clip (THANK you Van!) of my beloved Rod Picott doing Owen's and my (that sounds awkward…is that right?  Heather??) FAVORITE song. As he says, midway through, "that's the best I've ever played that goddamn solo." Then he grins and keeps playing my favorite song and I tell you…all is right with the whole damn world! Thank you Rod!!


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