1. I am feeling as grey as the weather this morning but am trying to remind myself that while that can lead to middle of the night thinking (when problems seem bigger than they are) it is not truly the case.

2. The other day Owen called me at work convinced that he had either walking pneumonia or asthma.  He wanted to go to the doctor. Mind you…the child is not sick one bit. I told him we couldn't go that day, that we'd see how he was. Later he called Ernie while we were out because he was so upset that he wouldn't be able to play as much if he had asthma. Today it all seems forgotten. I feel for whomever becomes his spouse.

3. Lunch with my husband today. Thank God.

4. My strawberries are getting eaten…and not by us. How do you protect your strawberries?  Or do you just figure a certain amount of loss?

5. More peonies. I swear, if nothing else, it's been a glorious year for peonies.


6. WILL Vintage Vinyl sale tomorrow.  Good cause, good stuff, and Ernie will be there.

7. So tomorrow, Ernie will be at said Vintage Vinyl sale in the morning and then I work in the afternoon.  What can I do for fun after that?  Or on Sunday? Suggestions please….


5 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. On Sunday you could drive up to Chicago and join Karin and me (and our two friends Jeff and Jennifer) for the lunch buffet at Viceroy of India on Devon. All-you-can-eat FABULOUS food!
    And we’d LOVE to see YOU!
    Just sayin…

  2. On strawberries: my mother used something called a “fruit cage” for all their berries–a flimsy wooden frame covered in netting. It seemed to be standard operating procedure in the village in England where she lived for the last two decades of her life and where pretty much everyone seemed to grow strawberries and raspberries.

  3. For that matter, you can see Teri anytime (nothing personal, Teri!) so why not drive up here after work on Saturday and that way you won’t be tired for the lunch buffet the next day.
    We’ll put clean sheets on the guest room bed downstairs!