1. I couldn't kill Leo over doing his math project really late because he ended up doing a great job, the little jerk. We went to his presentation today and at least in his summation of what he learned in the project he DID say, "I didn't manage my time amazingly….so I might start earlier next time."

2. Some of the kids showed their businesses making only a few hundred dollars a month. Leo estimated his business to earn $3,000,000 the first year. Lord I love that boy.

3. There was a Bon Jovi 1983-2008 poster in the 6th grade math room. Huh. You gotta like that.

4. All the kids' projects were great though….I liked the guy who did an instrument store because he said his french horn and his piano were the most important things to him.


5. Leo is pleased that he'll be getting extra credit for designing an employee uniform.  The employees will be looking sharp indeed, in a black suit, white shirt and red tie.  That's my boy…an eye for the classics.

6. There weren't tons of parents there today. One parent answered a question for their son when he didn't know how to answer it. If I ever do that please shoot me. Leo pretty much never acknowledged our presence.

7. Lord but I'm happy that I don't have to navigate middle school again….

8. And in a final, and totally random note, please watch this Malcolm Holcombe video….




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