1. Have I ever had trouble finding chicken thighs when I wanted them? That is a rhetorical questions because NO, I never have. Yesterday and today however, multiple stores are out, or their shipment didn't come in or whatever. Don't tell me where there are massive amounts hidden because it's too late I have made the philosophical switch to chicken breasts. Just don't blame me if they are dry….blame the failure of massive distribution techniques. 

2. God only knows how the curred red lentils will be because I keep looking at this recipe and that recipe and then THAT recipe, consider combining them all, then think NO….and now I'm using a recipe that is actually for lamb. Who the hell knows. If you come tonight you will be guinea pig. And where DOES that phrase come from?

3. I am waiting to for toasted cumin and coriander seeds to cool down and for the onions to come home from the store. Although since Ernie also has to run to the bank and the hotel it could be awhile….and yet I feel strangely disinclined to clean. Oh, and nobody except kids gets to go upstairs tonight, o.k?

4. Be warned….we're buying cheap beer.

5. Here's one of Owen's other favorite songs:

6. Here's where we saw Rod coming up on a year ago…beautiful Lubec, Maine. Sigh…wish I were there right now but I guess our ramshackle little house will work well tonight too.  Can't wait!

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7. You're still invited by the way….. 


2 thoughts on “Random Notes from Rod Picott Day

  1. The original recipe called for chicken breasts, so it should work just fine Cynthia. I’m guessing whatever you do the lentils will be great – just follow your cooking muse. Looks like you’re going to have a wonderful evening.