1. What would I do without music? This song is one of those that helps relieve the ache I get inside me sometimes. I adore Rod Picott. A week from TOMORROW folks! Man, I can't wait to have him in our house again. Time to send your money in…..Friday, May 18th….potluck at 6, music to follow…this will be a great one. There's something about his songs that is just good for my heart. Why is it that songs with a lot of hurt in them somehow heal?


2. Rod has promised to sing Sheetrock Hanger for Owen and me. And even if he hadn't, I think that if Owen asked with his new cheetah puppet he made at school, Rod would have to agree….

P1100800 _Snapseed

3. Iris isn't particularly one of my favorite flowers but they can suck me in….and I do have a weakness for Siberian Iris….here's a white iris that is out at Japan House….

IMG_1599 _Snapseed

4. Here's another picture from the ponds at Japan House….although I haven't seen the goslings in the last few days…I hope they're o.k…

IMG_1534 _Snapseed

5. I got a few plants in the mail that I had ordered some time ago when I guess I was feeling more flush…and between the plants and all the packets of seed I have strewn across my sideboard, I fear once again I have been too ambitious. We were talking about putting raised beds on our patio but it's almost planting time and it hasn't happened and…well…I'm just not counting on it. Especially since Ernie told me that some garter snakes live under the daylily plant back there….he just looked at me and said, "Didn't you know that?" Like I'm stepping foot on the patio again….  Geesh.


4 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I’m a sucker for notecards with purple irises on them. If ever I sent you a note by snail mail, it will come on a card with purple irises.

  2. ha, Sheetrock, the song where they learned the word ‘prick,’ I can’t wait! Paying now. I will doll myself up, because he appears to be quite a handsome man. 😉