It's Saturday morning.

I get to put in seeds and plants in the yard today. 

We have no plans for today other than getting Owen to his guitar lesson.

I'm going to experiment with French green lentil recipes today.

I have too many packets of seeds but that's not a bad problem.

We bought smoked pork chops from Triple S at the farmers' market this morning.

And a poblano pepper plant.

And sugar snap peas.

And asparagus.

And strawberries.

And swiss chard.

And celery.

I'm reading a good book.

As much as I want to the weekend to go slowly…I won't mind too much when Monday comes around.

Each and every one of my boys is beautiful and sweet and they all smell good too.

I had a dream last night that Bobby Flay cooked dinner for me and a bunch of friends. It was a nice dream because in the dream he was a friend of Judi's and we talked about her a lot and looked at pictures of her and my grandparents and he made some of her favorite foods in memory of her.

Rod Picott is going to be here this Friday.

The air feels good.

The world's friendliest roofers are working on the house next door.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day and Owen is planning to cook dinner for me.

I don't know what Leo is going to do but I know I'll get his sweet smile and a hug.

Owen has beautiful green eyes.

Leo has beautiful brown eyes.

Ernie has beautiful blue eyes.

O.k. I'll stop now.

I hope your Saturday is good.


Bob seems to think I have too many seeds…..



3 thoughts on “Reasons I Feel Good

  1. Jeeesh….I got a few of those going on from your list myself. Green eyes, the air feels good, and I smell good, heh.
    and I’m going to see Bill Kirchen tonight. TELETUNES!
    Happy Weekend!