Ernie went to bed before me last night.  A rare occurance.  When I got upstairs I could hear the Rod Picott album playing softly in the dark as Ernie slept.  Sometimes I think that's the way that album sounds the best….in the dark, lying next to an open window. Having Owen snuggled up with you is optional.  That's what Owen and I do a lot…we just lie in the dark and listen to that album (Welding Burns).  Sometimes Owen makes me play a song over if it sounds particularly great (his favorites are 410 and Sheetrock Hanger). 

Honest to God I don't think there is a single album I have listened to as often in the last decade as I have Rod Picott's Welding Burns. I can't even totally articulate why.  There are other songwriters with great writing out there that I adore…..there is some kind of truth in his songs and singing though that creates a visceral reaction for me….and makes me keep playing his songs…sometimes during the day but mostly at night in the dark as I process the day and let myself relax and feel.

Sometimes as I lie there in the dark I am reminded of being a teenager.  I don't quite know why.  Is it just that I used to lie in the dark and listen to albums over and over then? I would put the arm on the record player over so that it would repeat.  Sometimes my sister Judi would come in and turn it off as I was dozing off.

Friday, May 18 at our house….I'll get to listen to Rod in person

You know the drill:  potluck at 6:00…music to follow….and Rod has promised to play Sheetrock Hanger for Owen and me….


2 thoughts on “Most Played Album Award: Rod Picott’s Welding Burns

  1. I love 410, too. I missed him last fall (I think we had our tailgate the next day), but that ain’t gonna happen this time!