Owen got a little nervous during a thunderstorm recently and told me didn't want to die until he was at least 26 or something like that.

I assured him that he would likely live much, much longer and he said, "well, I just don't want to die until I'm an adult because being a kid is freaking SWEET."



2 thoughts on “So Sayeth the Sweet Pea

  1. To me, I hear that as a big pat on the back to you and Ernie. I couldn’t wait to become an adult, from a much younger age than Owen is. Let’s hope he relishes in it all until the time is right.

  2. I agree with Cathy. Just the other day I was thinking what fun it would be to grow up in your house. The food alone would go a long way toward making everyone happy. I was telling my husband about your cooking talent the other day. I said, “She often says, ‘I came home from work and didn’t know what to fix for dinner, so I just . . . .’ ” And then there’d be this picture of a gorgeous thrown-together feast. And when throwing something together is just totally out of the question, you sometimes go to Fries and Peanuts. I love that name.