I feel like I'm a bit behind with pictures. Writing posts is quick…it takes longer to pop pictures in….so a little catch up….


Erniepatdoug _Snapseed

Three of my favorite men in life: Doug Fink, ELB, and Pat Daily. As we were walking down the street to meet them Ernie asked if I saw them and I said, "yes, I believe it's the table with the two grey haired gentlemen" and we both laughed. Aren't they all gorgeous?




Strawberries for cobbler from our very own garden!




We forgot to add the vanilla so we just drizzled it on…it worked….





3rd barbecue sauce experiement: mustard sauce. Not bad, not my favorite….




The give away pile from the great cupboard reorganization. I might have a table at CynthiaFest and put it all there with a 'free to a good home' sign. Whaddya think?




For anyone that doesn't particularly care for radishes…but does like red meat…this salsa will change your mind about the first!




The early attempts at stopping the chicken stock flood.


In other non-pictorial notes the old Tufte house next to us is for rent…anybody want to be our neighbors? Must be friendly and like music.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Wow, that cobbler looks amazing. Sometimes I get the feeling that your garden is a month ahead of ours. Also, what is happening behind the three handsome men in the first photograph? Is that a quilt show?

  2. We are way ahead this year because of the crazy mild winter Cathy…so who knows! The color in the background is actually a pretty cool project. The building that was at that corner tragically burned down a few years back and its been an empty lot. Someone took it upon themselves to create a project to beautify the fence—using old pieces of billboards and other signs if Im remembering correctly. I couldnt find the info to give them credit…but you can imagine how it added life to a chain link fence surrounding a hole in the ground. Theres development planned but in the meantime I love the colors of that fence!