1. Yesterday Owen presented himself as Leo's attorney. He stated that his client had been unfairly sentenced and that according to new evidence his client should be allowed computer/tv privileges beginning at 4 pm yesterday instead of 4 pm on July 2. Leo hovered in the doorway behind him, looking on anxiously. I told them that the court was pleased to hear their petition but that the original sentencing ruling was upheld.

I kid you not. I could just feel my father shaking with laughter in heaven.

They took it pretty well.

2. My sweet Ernie still doesn't feel well. He's half laying on the couch, sipping water and watching a movie from the 50s. He's got some kind of bug. From a purely selfish and pragmatic angle I'm just pleased it wasn't last week. I hate it when he's sick….

3. Please note that this is NOT a complaint…because I'm grateful to have a/c in this weather….BUT damn our a/c doesn't really keep our second floor cool. I tossed and turned last night until close to morning. Why didn't I just get up and go downstairs where it's cool? I have no freaking idea.

4. No plans for the weekend…. It's definitely an indoor kind of weekend so perhaps lists to be made to get ready for going to Maine and I need to do some dull stuff like sort through all the boys' drawers and pull out stuff they've outgrown. Their judgement can be a bit…interesting.

5. Speaking of not sleeping well I had a dream about my beloved Mark Gerking the other night. Evidently he'd been out of work for a long time but then somehow I got him hooked up with selling straw cowboy hats. He became incredibly successful and was one of their top sellers so he came to thank me. He came at night though and Ernie and I were both in bed. Then he came into our room and leaned over me but somehow he'd morphed into a skinny Buck Owens with long hair and I was terrified….I woke Ernie up with my cries. Seriously…is that weird? Ernie said he's never heard me cry out like that in a dream. But you know that feeling when you're in a dream and you want to scream but you can't? Well, I actually did….although it came out sounding somewhat like our cats' cries before they throw up. Anyway…that's my Mark Gerking dream….

6. And last but not least…..here's a video from last week….watch and enjoy Mr. Phil Lee and Ms. Jan King….  (thanks Van!)


One thought on “Counselor-at-Law Owen and Other Random Notes

  1. Mark often has that effect on people. It’s just like him to sneak up on people while they’re sleeping, the Gerk.