The other day Owen asked me what the word 'dank' meant. I absent mindedly said, "oh, it means dark and gloomy and cold….like a dungeon." He said, "well someone just texted me (he's gets a lot of texts not meant for him for whatever reason) and said they had some dank and should have it around for a couple of days.

Ernie said, "uh, it can mean something else Cynthia."


He explained it to Owen and told him just to delete the text. Owen, with fingers flying, said, "nah, I'm going to text them back and tell them not to bother me."


5 thoughts on “Dank, Dark and Gloomy

  1. Dang…I didn’t know that Teri was pushing Dank again. I must admit I have never heard any illegal substance referred to as Dank. I think that train passed my station over 30 years ago.