Lately some of my favorite meals are when I don't feel like cooking and just throw a few things in a pan with eggs and call it a frittata. It's Sola Gratia CSA pick up today and I still had some arugula (and some salad mix—I always seem to be behind on that) so I figured I better at least use the arugula up. I sauteed a bit of bacon just because and added in the roughly chopped arugula. Then I discovered a turnip left on my cutting board from the night before…no wonder there weren't as many pieces of roasted turnip as I expected with dinner last night! So I chopped it up and threw it in a pan to brown a bit. Then I tossed that in the pan with the bacon and arugula, poured in some beaten eggs and a bit of salt and pepper. I was tempted to start adding garlic and spices but I held off—-sometimes I overcomplicate things. Restraint isn't my strong suit but I try… We topped it with some parmesan, cooked it for a few minutes and then finished it under the broiler. It was just for Ernie and me as the boys were having a friend sleep over and pizza was involved.

Heaven I tell you….

We happily devoured our frittata, watched our dvr'd Man Men and then went upstairs with a glass of wine for each of us. We laid in the dark and listened to  Kane Welch Kaplin Live at the Bluebird really loud so we couldn't hear the noises from downstairs.


If you don't have that album…you really should. Honestly….it's shockingly good. Kieran truly is a rhythm machine….and the songs…and that tone that Fats' playing has….and Kevin…and Lucas ties it all together…. Man….it sounds good in a bright room but in a dark room? Unbelievable.

It's just available as a download right now and worth every penny of the $10 you will spend SO many times over. 

Oh, and we had one of Leo's brownies with our wine and our music too.


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One thought on “Eggs, Arugula and Kane Welch Kaplin

  1. The last-minute chef works her magic again! Bet you were the only woman in–is it Champaign, IL?–who found a leftover turnip from last night on her cutting board. LOL