Well, it's here. I'm still being lazy, sipping my coffeemilk and puttering around my laptop. Soon, however, we'll start moving furniture and the like. Ernie's got more pulled pork smoking on the grill. I made all my barbecue sauces (North Carolina vinegar sauce, South Carolina mustard sauce and Blackberry chipotle) yesterday. My vegan sesame pasta is ready to have kale added. Need to make lemonade and iced tea. Not TOO much to do.

It's almost nice enough to not have the air on but I'm afraid it will get too steamy in the house tonight so I guess we'll close the house up in awhile and start it up.

Phil Lee got into town late last night, Van is driving Jan King down this afternoon…I imagine the half of The Jans Project that don't live here will tumble in to town in a bit.

Leo's got some new Lego that he's putting together on the dining room table but he's promised to bring it upstairs once it's complete.

Life is pretty damned good right now.


Phil Lee: http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/2009/01/06/review-phil-lees-roots-music-stocked-with-grit-and-groove/

The Jans Project: http://www.innocentwords.com/Magazine/ItemDisplay/tabid/807/itemId/1851/pageId/3/catpageid/1/Default.aspx