My sister Judi liked to celebrate her birthday. I remember sitting in University Gardens many years ago, the little Middle Eastern restaurant next door to the Second Hand Tunes in Hyde Park where Ernie worked, with my parents, Ernie—-and Judi and Judi convincing all of us to wear little birthday hats.

When she got ready to turn 50 she wanted to do something special. She was teaching at Clemson at the time and found a place to rent on Edisto Island over her birthday. She asked a couple of her closest friends to go with her and she asked me. I had just started a job and it was a 9 month appointment at the University…which meant no vacation pay….something I hadn't realized when I took it. I needed the job desperately though so it wouldn't have mattered but it was an unpleasant surprise. I had sick leave but I needed all that for either, well..being sick, or to use to take time off to take care of my parents who weren't doing so hot to say the least. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't really ask for the time off and I didn't have the vacation time anyway….so I didn't go.

Well damn. You know, of course that I regret that. Not that it changed anything. My sister knew I loved her and bringing her into our home as she was dying said more than spending a weekend in South Carolina with her would have. Not that anything had to be said. Just the same I realize that you have to seize the moment as they say.

So I do…I seize the moment as much as I can possibly can. I have learned too well that you don't know what tomorrow will bring….that what you plan for itsn't necessarily what happens. So I wanted to celebrate hitting 50. I'm alive, I have a family I adore and in the scheme of things that's as good as it gets. And last night CynthiaFest was certainly seizing the moment….sharing music I love and good food with people I love…new friends as well as some very old ones…. It was indeed as good as it gets.

I really do feel full to overflowing. I love you Judi. Thanks for the birthday celebration. You taught me well.

Thanks to all who made it so special.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating and Overflowing

  1. wow
    Well last night couldn’t be topped in my opinion. What a truly fabulous evening! So glad I got to be part of your celebration, Cynthia.
    And i hope that these celebrations go on and on and on, for many more years to come.

  2. Hey–thank *YOU* for sharing your love of music with us! It was great watching you enjoy CynthiaFest last night…especially the last two numbers of The Jans Project set, and well, all of Phil Lee (Thanks for bringing Phil Lee back–he is just terrific!). How about the moment when Owen opened up the door of the media room to pop out and sing a line from ‘Secret Agent Man?’ That was terrific & so funny!
    The love you & Ernie showed Judi has been inspiring, I know it has been for me. And yeah, you two have also reminded me that life is for living. I’m guessing Judi would’ve been v. pleased to know that you had CynthiaFest…to see the kids playing in that back lot, all the great food & friends and then to hear the music of course.
    I’m with Van in hoping that these celebrations go on for many more years to come!
    Thanks, C!

  3. What a beautiful post, Cynthia. It was a wonderful night, and I felt so grateful to be there, enjoying the music and celebrating you. Seize the moment, indeed. XO