Big CynthiaFest news! As you may, or may not know, our beloved Phil Lee is playing CynthiaFest. Phil Lee…sigh….we adore him and can not wait to have him here again. As we talked about it though we thought we kinda wanted an opening act because I believe Phil will just play one longish set. We tossed ideas around and then at one point one of us said to the other, "The Jans Project." And then we both cackled happily because it was just so perfect. Then of course we sat there wondering if they would be willing to do it….. I emailed quickly before I lost my nerve and within an hour all the guys had said yes. I went to bed just giddy….

The Jans Project is the latest incarnation of a band that goes back to well….a HELL of a long time ago! I've known them all since I was mmmmm 18, 19? When I turned 21 I went to see them that night at Mabel's and they played a Mott the Hoople song for me. I can't remember….was it All the Way From Memphis? Afterwards Steve muttered, complaining about their performance, and said, "WHY didn't we play a Johnny Thunders song?….we would have been FINE!" Despite Steve's muttering it was wonderful, hence my remembering it all these years later…..

So yeah, they go way back. We saw them last fall at Cowboy Monkey and they made me ridiculously happy…(although I will always miss our beloved Berni Proeschel…and other past members like David Wisnieswki whenever I see these guys) and Steve Lindstrom has a great writeup of their history and where they are now on their facebook page.


It is incredibly kind of them to do this. They will be playing for tips. I know everyone coming will have already generously put money in toward the party but please come with your pockets full if that is possible. Oh, and you'll be able to get their CD too! It means a lot to me that they are doing this. If it were anyone but Phil Lee I'd worry about him following them (no worries with Phil though).

Damn but I'm happy!

Oh, and look! I just found this clip from the last show of Jeff talking about our house concerts. You can hear me laughing. I always laugh too loudly.  Sigh.


and a couple of my favorites….



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