1. Last night I got home to find a dress I'd ordered online had come in the mail. I went into the bathroom, put it on and went into the kitchen. I modeled it for the boys who were both sitting at the computer. Owen looked me up and down and said emphatically, "that looks really nice Mom." Leo somehow managed to wiggle an eyebrow, grinned and said, "not bad, not bad." For just a moment I felt absolutely beautiful. My sweet peas.

2.I found a pile of wooden matches with the heads cut off on the dining room table. The little match heads were nowhere to be seen. 

3. I have given in and started taking a Zyrtec daily and my daily mid day sinus headaches seem to be disappearing. I guess sometimes you can clear your sinuses with brain power alone.

4. CynthiaFest is coming up! Only a week and a half away!!! Don't forget to get your money in. I need to start making some to-do lists for myself. We're doing pulled pork with a variety of sauces. I'll make a bit of coleslaw but we'll need more and all sorts of sides or nibbles or desserts. I can't wait!


5. Phil Lee is (tentatively and hopefully) bringing guitarist Jan King with him. Personally I know Ernie will want to hear her Kim Fowley stories. We'll also have to find out why there's a link to Second Hand Tunes on her website. Ernie and I have been reminiscing about Second Hand Tunes since someone started a facebook group for people that used to work there.

6. In fact it inspired me to create a Record Service group as well. I had actually started it about a year ago but had never published  it so the Second Hand Tunes group encouraged me to. Lots of memories there…. Here's one of my favorite pictures from my early days at Record Service…..did I work with cute guys or what? Who was playing the Bruce Springsteen is what I wanna know.

I want to make some kind of Glory Days joke but can't quite come up with one. Go ahead and make one yourself.



5 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Oh my, Record Service! Between them, the Garcia’s by the slice near Wright and Green, and the Art Coop (was on Daniel near Dooley’s at the time), there went most of my disposable income. Oh, and the Red Lion.