1. People that say you never should go to bed mad are full of shit. Sometimes it's best to just STOP because if you keep going it escalates. Ernie and I have been together so long that we really don't have major issues to fight about—-we've worked our way through all of those. So our fights are generally about somebody being pissy and the other person getting offended and off we go. So it becomes one of those things that nobody can possibly win and it's best to just shut up and go to bed. So we did. And now it's the next day thank God. 


2. Leo is currently in disgrace and has lost computer/tv privileges for 8 days. It's always gets a bit complicated when you take privileges away from  one and not the other so our policy is that if someone else is watching tv he can watch….I'm not going to make him leave the room. So yesterday Ernie and I got home after going to the Public Art League thing at Big Grove Tavern (the tater tots…oh good LORD but they are good) and found Owen shooting baskets by the garage and Leo in the media room watching the end of an Indiana Jones movie. I said, "LEO….what are you DOING?" and he cheerfully assured me, "oh, it's o.k. Mom…Owen put this on and said I could finish watching it." Clever. I'll give them that. Very clever. 

3. We're off to the Cancer Center this afternoon for a visit with the oncologist and then Ernie's infusion. I don't have to worry and wait for the oncologist to walk in the room and give us the news though…now I can look up test results online. So say hello to Mr. Undetectable. Off of his hormones for hmmmm….is it six months or nine months….and still undetectable. YES!

4. One of the house concerts we have coming up this fall is Kevin Gordon. I just came across this interview and enjoyed it….really looking forward to having him at the house….


5 . Decisions, particularly decisions about Lego are VERY difficult.





5 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I meant to go to the Public Art League thing, but got busy at home…My son Matt and his beautiful girlfriend Emily [who works with the Public Art League], were there. Emily was the art student teacher at Franklin this past semester.

  2. I’m glad SOMEONE finally put it out there, about going to bed mad. I’ve always hated that advice. Let’s just stay up and piss each other off until one in the morning instead.
    And YAYYY for Mr. Undetectable! Yay, yay yayyy!