Oh LORD but today was a Monday. Even my boss sympathetically suggested that I must have some strange vortex going on around me-or magnets in my fingers—SOMETHING to explain why every computer, database or phone that I touched seemed to malfunction. 


I have returned to burrow into the depths of my  home however, sip some wine and recover.

Leo gave me a few of his goldfish and told me he loved me with one of those tiny little sweet smiles. The potassium nitrate is on order and all is well…well, all is relatively right with my world. Phil Lee even said he's getting wiggly with excitement about CynthiaFest. Another sweet pea there.

Over the weekend we worked on our bedroom….sorting and putting things away and rehanging some things on the wall. It made me happy. And today I came home to find that Ernie had bravely entered and begun work on the…..FOURTH ROOM! You know, it's the room that all of our extra furniture, shelves, records, 78s and toys have been forced into for the last couple of years. I am proud to say that you can actually ENTER the room now. My husband is brilliant.

Last night after Owen ate his pizza he saved the pizza crusts for me because he knows that's my favorite part. He had Ernie put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator so I could bring them for lunch today. God I love that boy. Ernie did add a bit of vegetable frittata in just balance things out but I was pretty damn touched by my little bag of pizza crusts and assured Owen that they had been delectable. Always thinking, that one.

My sweet peas.

Oh, yes, and Ernie just got home from the store only to be greeted by Owen yelling, "did you get my matches?" First potassium nitrate, now matches….hmmm…..

P1110011 _Snapseed

This heliotrope is in our window box and it smells as sweet as it looks. Amazing.

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