It's official.

I am a turnip convert.

All hail the turnip….at least the sweet delicious young ones that Dex and Sola Gratia are producing.

However, highlight of this week's box might have to be the luscious and hearty head of romaine lettuce. We nibbled on pieces of it as we unpacked the box and marveled at how good it tasted.

P1100976 _Snapseed

I planned to have fish last night with some of the daikon…maybe in some kind of soy broth…turns out the fish was still frozen hard and I don't like defrosting something that delicate in the microwave so I turned to our beautiful new head of lettuce and it made me very happy indeed.

I sauteed the cut up turnips til they were sweet and brown and set them aside. Then I cooked a bit of bacon and with the drippings made a sweet warm dressing (vinegar, brown sugar, dripping, mustard) and poured it over a big bowl of cut up romaine. Tossed on the turnips and bacon and a poached egg.

Now yes, if you're following along, that is the second night in a row that dinner has involved bacon and eggs. Tonight….we're off to the fish and daikon. Promise.


My radish and daikon refrigerator pickles are great. Any recipe for refrigerator pickles will work—-basically equal parts white vinegar and water with sugar, salt and pepper.  Heat it all up til the sugar is dissolved and pour over the cut up radishes in a jar…add in crushed black pepper, garlic and whatever else you want.  You can make it as sweet or spicy (or both) as you want. As an added bonus they are all now a gorgeous shade of pink!

Here they are right after I made them a few days ago:


and now:

P1100990 _Snapseed