Yesterday was another moderately frustrating day at work….computers arguing with me and the like so I was delighted to see beets in our CSA box when Ernie picked me up. I've had beet chips on my brain. I'd found a recipe or two that oven roasted them. By the time I was ready to cook dinner though I was not feeling organized enough to stack one baking sheet on another and rotate, etc. 

I weakened.

I deep fried them.

Oh MY. 

Like little bits of garnet colored salty candy….or think of them like the bacon of the vegetable world…. I can not begin to tell you how good they were…..

P1110055 _Snapseed

Ernie sliced the beets up on the mandoline (my family doesn't allow me to use the mandoline anymore) and we tossed them into hot oil until I figured they had to be done. Laid them out on paper towel to drain and sprinkled with a bit of salt.

I threw the beet greens in with some corn—-all that with some grilled chicken made for a delightful dinner….

I'll be more healthy next week….I adore beets. Homemade pickled beets are one of my favorite things. Last night's beet chips though? Absolutely heavenly….