Gorgeous box this week. We threw together a salad to go with some of Owen's smoky grilled chicken last night. We grated two beets, one carrot and some onion together. Incredible colors! We tossed it with a mustardy vinaigrette, some salt and pepper and a bit of chopped basil, parsley and mint. Then at the  last minute, because I realized I'd used up all the vinaigrette I just threw some of the salad greens in with it. It tasted as vibrant as it looked.

I grated it all in my food processor so it took about two seconds. Granted you have to wash the darn thing but Ernie gets to do that! I saw another recipe for a salad of thinly sliced carrots, beets and cucumbers….kind of the same thing but it would have a really different texture….



P1110211 _Snapseed

Any wonder that our salads taste so good? Look at this picture taken in the Sola Gratia fields:


2 thoughts on “Sola Gratia Farms: Week Six

  1. If I am cooking beets I peel them…but after they are cooked, because then it just slips (kinda) off. With these I didnt peel them…they were clean and nice and the skin isnt tough….same with the carrots. Some people might want to peel them but Im not fussy….