Funny weekend. We had lots of plans….Friday lunch, Friday evening meeting friends, Saturday morning a work garden thing, Saturday afternoon/evening party…..and what did we do? Nothing. We went out for our standard Friday lunch but when Ernie said he didn't want to eat and just sat there rather silently I realized that things weren't going the way they were supposed to. We went home and hoped he'd perk up but he felt worse as the afternoon went on so we canceled our evening plans. I'd canceled the work garden thing that day because I thought it was going to be too hot to ask volunteers to come out and work. On Friday morning, when I had to make the decision, the heat index was 103 degrees at 9:18 a.m. On Saturday, after we'd already canceled? The heat index was in the 80s. Damn it. 

Ernie wasn't horrendously sick but definitely had a stomach bug. He's so quiet and still when he's sick. It throws us all off kilter. He laid on the couch and watched old movies….first one from the 50's then one from 1941. I didn't follow the movie but every so often I'd look up from my book and enjoy the images and the lighting. I made him egg drop soup and he got that down and said it tasted good so I felt like a good wife. Oh, and we finally watched the Runaways movie and loved it. Not that I think it was the best movie in the world but I loved it just the same….the clothes, the hair, the sets…..really loved it. There was a time my friends when people told me I looked like Joan Jett. Sigh. A long, LONG time ago…..

Later in the evening Ernie seemed to be doing o.k. so I decided to go and try to catch an old, old friend who was supposed to be at the Iron Post. I was so proud of myself for going out alone….not my forte….only to find she didn't come. I came back home, made myself popcorn and watched a little bad tv before dumping everybody into bed.

A friend asked me yesterday though how long CynthiaFest had lasted. I said, "do you mean the actual event or the glow?" "The glow" she said….and I gotta say I still have it. Or at least I can hunt it down when I need it. Now when things get bad I'll just to my CynthiaFest place……

Today Ernie is a bit better—-good enough to make our Sunday biscuits although he only ate half of one and I feel kinda blegh. I've got tons of gorgeous peaches that we bought (thanks Patience!) and we need to use them up. I'm freezing a bunch, planning to make cobbler this evening and just sent poor Ernie to the store to get what I need to make some peach chutney to freeze. I've got to get to work using the blueberries we got as well….although we'll probably freeze a lot of them as well.

I'm also sitting here trying to start my vacation lists.  Things to do, things to buy….things to do when we get there. Sometimes I get mad that I am the one that does all the planning but then again….I'm the one that does all the planning….and I kinda enjoy it…..

And……I must say….if I didn't love Van DeLisle so much I would be sick with jealousy……Fitzgerald's last night….on top of Dave Alvin….. Kevin Gordon with our beloved Sergio Webb. Whew.



I stole your pictures Van…hope it's o.k!

2 thoughts on “Well…it’s not as though I COULD have topped last weekend so I guess it’s o.k. weekend

  1. Glad to hear Ernie’s on the mend, Cynthia. Sick is no fun.
    Re Sergio, I had no idea beforehand. I found out from Cate that Joe was NOT coming and I was of course disappointed. But Cate assured me it would still be cool. That Cate can keep a secret! I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw Sergio. Whew!
    AMA just about only two months away!!!