I feel as though I haven't been posting much lately. I have a couple of half written posts but it never works for me to go back to things I started before..never feels right.

I've had Judi on my mind a lot. A dear friend of ours just lost his older sister and I have been thinking so much of him and how it feels to lose a part of yourself in that way. Then I reconnected with a childhood friend of Judi's—which felt like getting a little piece of her back. Funny how these things twirl around in my mind. And then one of Judi's very, very close friends sent me a quilted piece that Judi had started and she had finished up. Some tears of course. Later, I was listening to an album that my friend Van had given us and I said to Ernie about halfway in, "Oh, Judi would really like this." And I felt so funny when I realized that I'd spoken in the present tense.

Ah. So there it is.

I'm trying to focus the rest of my mind on getting ready for Maine….we leave Thursday. We're turning our house and cats and garden over to friends—they are so good to us.

I think I will be reposting some old blog posts while I am gone. I find it kinda fascinating to look back at old posts and see the differences and similarities to our present day. It's hard to imagine how little the boys were when I started this just a bit over six years ago….and the hulking behemoths they are today!

In other news my dear friend Sasha will be posting as well as we are having her take our Sola Gratia shares for this week and the next. I can't wait to see what she writes!!

 Last night's dinner turned out pretty great. Grean beans from Sola Gratia, blanched and then tossed with cut up tomatoes, some leftover corn cut off the cob, fresh basil and a cidar vinegar/mustard vinaigrette. Served with tuna marinated in a bit of soy, sherry, olive oil and garlic. Coated it in sesame seeds and kind of messily seared it, put a bit of the vinaigrette on top when done and added a few zucchini fritters that started out as zucchini chips but ended up as fritters and were darn good too! Oh, and blackberry cobbler for dessert….with a little bit of Owen's vanilla milkshake….

P1110374 _Snapseed





4 thoughts on “Getting Ready…

  1. Thanks for those words re: Judi & your reflections. I know you miss your sister – I only knew her a few years & I continue to miss her!
    Thanks also for the great picture & the “recipes.” I’ve been meaning to tell you that I tried something that appeared in one of your blogs (from a commenter, I believe). Corn (off the cob), sauted in olive oil for two min then mixed with basil + salt + pepper. So good! Even my 13-year-old likes it!
    Have fun in Maine!

  2. Thought of you the other night as I prepped dinner here in MI. Anna and Adam joined us for the first two nights. We’d gotten fresh garlic and kale and homemade peccorino/romano pasta from the market and I sauted the greens in olive oil with the garlic and tossed that in with the pasta then shook in some crushed red pepper. Served along with grilled sweet corn and some awesome fresh cut rib eyes and beefsteak tomatoes. We were in food heaven.
    You guys have a great time in Maine!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Maine! Cate and Kathy and I (and their families) will be headed to Shelbyville for five days of camping on Thursday, too. And DANG, that dinner looks delicious!