Owen's been yearning for a visit to Custard Cup. A couple of times I suggested that we all go but Leo doesn't like ice cream and didn't want to go and Owen seemed to be holding out for a Mom-Owen kind of thing. Then I put it off for a few days as I wasn't feeling great but yesterday was the day. 

I gotta say…..Owen is a fantastic date. We chatted about everything, he asked me about my day and how my life was—whether my computer at work was fixed. Then he went back and forth over his decision….a vanilla cone or a vanilla malt or a lemon cone. He finally went with lemon so we ordered our cones..both lemon, both regular cones (normally I'm a waffle cone girl but a regular one seemed right), one scoop for me and two for him. Then we went and sat at a picnic table and licked our cones companionably.

He came up with a couple of suggestions, one being that instead of he and Leo alternating emptying the dishwasher, perhaps all FOUR of us should as that would be a lot fairer. I licked some more and told him I'd consider it but in actuality his father and I do a few other things as well. He nodded and said, "well, just THINK about it."

We remenisced about the Custard Cup a bit too. We talked about the fact that Judi was the first person to ever take them there (back when Leo still ate ice cream). I told him that on the day Judi died I wanted to post a picture of her on my blog and I wanted one where she looked really, really happy so I chose a picture from that day. He smiled at that. Then he confided that he's been reading my blog posts lately. He said they are pretty good….that "they're just like you talking about your life."

Yup baby, that's it….and a lucky life it is to have you and your brother in it.

One week tomorrow we leave for Maine!


Could anything smell better than the fragrance of the waffle cones when you first walk into Custard Cup?


My beautiful sister with her guys, and uh, no, I don't know why Leo's twisting his face up that way….but hey…at least he doesn't have his hand in front of his face!!!


5 thoughts on “Licking Lemon Cones

  1. Oh Cynthia, that is a great photo of Judi!! She really had not changed since I remember her at age 16! I miss her and wish that we had had a chance to reconnect!!! I love reading your blog, you have a wonderful outlook on life….

  2. Great post and loved the pictures. Judi looks so happy. Wish I could have been there with you and Owen – lemon ice cream sounds way yummy!

  3. When life hands you a lemon cone, enjoy!
    A lovely post. Happy to see such a fine picture of Judi, who occupies a little niche in my heart because of your blog.