Open windows…..oh, it was heavenly to have open windows last night and sleep with fresh air coming in…. In fact I slept so hard that I am still bleary….but good bleary if that makes any sense. It was a lovely weekend…a lot of reading, a bit of napping, dinner with good friends not one night but TWO nights and plenty of time to hang out with all my guys.

We got to have dinner with our beloved Berni and Wendy on Friday night. How we wish these people lived closer. Owen has decided that Ernie and Berni are really brothers so he should probably refer to them as Uncle Berni and Aunt Wendy from now on. He may be right. The boys didn't say a whole lot at dinner but the fact that they had a choice of staying home or coming to dinner speaks volumes about how they think of Berni and Wendy. It felt so good. Really, really good.





there were pictures of the four of us but the one of me was too horrifying to share and I couldn't figure out how to edit myself out of it….



2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Ernie and Berni not only look like they could be brothers (a bit), but their names sound like they ARE brothers!