Beets, Swiss Chard, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash and gorgeous green and yellow beans. Am I forgetting anything? I don't think so. You can't see the lovely and artfully composed shot I took of all the gorgeous vegetables dumped on my kitchen counter because it disappeared into the ether. It's not in iPhoto on any of our computers, not in Photostream….not in the trash…despite the fact that I REMEMBER taking some pictures and even cropping my favorite one. Man things like that can torment me.

Oh well…you'll have to made do with a picture of our completed dinner the other night. Smoked pork chops from Triple S and grilled peaches–both with a bit of mustard sauce on them. I blanched the green beans for about 4-6 minutes and then dumped them in some ice water. Later, when the pork chops were done I just threw them in a saute pan with a bit of olive oil, some chopped garlic and thinly sliced almonds—mixed in some parsley at the end. Absolutely wonderful. Sometimes classic combinations of flavors are classic for a reason, huh?


Not only the temperatures and the vegetables proclaim that it's summer….so do my zinnias. It's official now.

P1110245 _Snapseed

One thought on “Sola Gratia Farms: Week Seven

  1. This is really a comment on your previous post about the fireworks with your neighbors. I’m like that too. Chew things over, mull things over, get sick about it. Wish I weren’t that way, but what are you gonna do?
    THe flowers your neighbor brought were lovely.