Wow. Sasha found a letter I'd sent her in 1985. Ernie and I had just moved to Ypsilanti of all place so I could go to grad school. I flinched at some of the writing and yet it's kind of comforting in a funny way….

Oh my…a baby Cynthia….

Letter from cynthia 1985 sm

Letter from cynthia page 2 sm



4 thoughts on “1985 Has Contacted Us

  1. Oh, this reminds me of how I went into my old “rubbermaid bin of the 80s” and started reading all my old correspondence from my friends. I miss letter writing. Nobody does it anymore, and yet, back then, so many of us wrote each other giant epistles. It’s a lost art, lost artifacts in this age of instant messaging.

  2. V’ron, so true. I miss when people wrote letters, too. On a typewriter or by hand. The quality is different somehow. I think it took ‘commitment’ to write letters. Felt more permanent or momentous. And it wasn’t easily reproducible, or forwardable. (Is that a word?) I actually feel the same way about music, too. It was harder to come by, harder to record, so when it was done well, you really listened.
    Thanks for posting the letter, Cynthia! A little time travel is good for the soul.

  3. +1 mourning the lost art/habit of letter writing.
    the tension between the record store in the mall, and the record store not in the mall. That’s TWO record stores, right there.
    God I feel old.

  4. + 1 more for the letter writing choir. i have tried (good lord, i’ve tried) to continue to write letters, with questionable success–usually, it turns out, cynthia, like your coffee stained cards. (i know you’ve received a couple from me.)
    i love going back and rereading letters from my younger days. it breaks my heart to know truly wonderful letters (in the form of emails) i’ve received over the last decade have just floated away into the ethernet–and letters i’ve sent have met the same fate. does anyone print out emails to save?
    cynthia, this letter is priceless–a great snapshot of a lovely friendship, and the fact that sasha saved it for so long proves the point. thanks for sharing it.