This is nice.

Since we were just back from vacation we had no plans for this weekend. This is how it's gone down:

Traditional Friday lunch at Fries and Peanuts with Ernie.

Hung out at home and read.

Cooked a good dinner.

Watched a little tv.

Went upstairs and read for a long time.

Got up Saturday morning and had a toasted peanut butter sandwich on seeded rye…one of my favorites.

Ernie and I took Owen to the library to meet a friend and I checked out a cookbook on lobster while I was there.

Then off to the farmers' market and bought corn and cucumbers, some pretty tomatoes I couldn't resist even though I didn't need any, some zucchini, a baguette and some peppered bacon.

Went home and puttered….went through stacks of mail, renewed my membership in the ACLU, ordered spices and vanilla from Penzeys and sent some emails I needed to get out.


I toasted the torn up baguette and made a vinaigrette while Ernie chopped tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and garlic. We tossed the vinaigrette and vegetables and set aside to make panzanella later. I set the toasted pieces of bread back in the oven when it was cold to hide it from Owen.

Met a new friend of Owen's and his mother. They were delightful.

Met Teri and Brian and Susan at the Iron Post for the Duke of Uke (6:00 show…gotta love it).

Great show.


Bought souvenir seeds.


Tumbled home a little after 8:00 and tossed the tomatoes et al with the bread and let it sit a few minutes.

Devoured the panzanella, a heavenly bowl of summery food, even though we forgot the basil.

Went upstairs and read.

Came  back down, took a shower and poured myself a glass of wine.

Went back upstairs and read.

Woke in the night to lightning.

Escorted Owen out of his bed into ours after a particularly huge clap of thunder and told Leo to join us if he liked. He declined.

Opened the window so we could hear the rain and snuggled.

Tossed him out when the storm was over, got comfortable and drifted off to sleep again.

Woke up to Ernie telling me he was starting to make biscuits.

Owen got up and cheerfully, albeit apologetically, explained that Ernie was taking him and Leo and their friend to the Batman movie today and that it was just going to be "just guys" if I didn't mind.

Told him I thought I could handle it.

Ate two biscuits with smoked gruyere and mustard, a slice and a half of peppered bacon from Triple S, drank some coffeemilk.

P1110458 _Snapseed

Read the paper.

Told Ernie the movie times for the Batman movie.

Started writing this post while I pondered what I would do ALL BY MYSELF IN MY HOUSE.


This is a hell of a weekend.



3 thoughts on “A Hell of a Weekend

  1. Sounds heavenly. And I’m loving the photo of the biscuits and bacon. I have the exact same blue willow china. Why do I not find this surprising?