NeighborGate continues. Some of it stresses me out incredibly and some of it makes me giggle. The fence person came out on Friday afternoon and gave us a great quote on moving the fence. We were VERY much relieved. Now my only worry on that is getting it scheduled asap. The guy that came out was really kind so I am hopeful. Then my beloved friend Mel came out and brought a lovely bottle of wine and dug up a clump of false turtlehead. It felt so nice to sit and catch up with her. Later we went to a birthday party at Cowboy Monkey (thanks Donna!). We ended up missing Lydia Loveless at the Rosebowl but there was just too much going on at the same time.

Saturday we planned to buy new bikes for the boys. They've way outgrown their old ones. Leo decided he did not WANT a bike. Me, I wanted to kill him but I'm not spending a boatload of money if he's not going to ride it. Ernie and Owen took off and came home with a stunning red bike and a very happy Owen.

Then Owen and I took off for the eye doctor. I gotta say, watching Owen interact with other adults is a great pleasure. I'm crazy about that guy. We ate lunch together and went for a drive while we waiting for his glasses. Then they weren't ready so we wandered around another half hour. It was great spending time with him. He looks stunning and so grown up in his new glasses….



On Sunday Ernie made a particularly stellar batch of biscuits and two friends came over and dug out some plants for their yard. It made me feel so good to be sharing them. Thanks Kirstin and Jeff, and Tamara! We still have lots of grass and sedum and hostas if anyone is interested…


We moved our table into the other side of the yard. It took a bit to get used to but I think it will be nice. Ernie transplanted some grass for me. Yesterday he and the boys (and two of their friends, thank you Eamon and Simon) all moved our compost, whoops–refuse—pile. Ernie dug out one of the raised beds…farewell asparagus….

The new table spot gives us a much better vantage point for the zinnias. I continue to look for silver linings….

P1110678 _Snapseed

Last night Ernie and I sat outside before starting dinner. We could hear rumbles and thunder and tried to will it our way to no avail. So we just sat and admired the clouds until I forced myself inside and made braised chicken with lacinato kale and couscous/grain mix. It almost felt like fall. I woke up once in the night and I could smell the fragrant little petunias in the front yard in the cool air.


Tonight we go to Meet the Teacher for Owen. And so it begins.


7 thoughts on “NeighborGate Continues and Fall Makes Its Presence Known

  1. Thank you Cynthia! It was such a joy to meet you and yours. We got everything planted Sunday afternoon and our yard is much improved–the Judy grass is right in front in pride of place. Still, our yard has miles to go before it is as lovely as yours.

  2. I’m hurtin for ya’all re the neighbor thing. I’ve been very lucky, never had one of those. But my sister did and it was miserable. Haha…..asparagus. Picking asparagus was my first job at age 13…..35 cents and hour. Harry McNally had 6 separate large asparagus fields and we picked all of ’em. Hard on the back and picking in the rain or after a rain ain’t no fun. After a couple years with Harry my friends and I went with a Greek guy who paid us 50 cents and hour. Us kids used to walk the railroad tracks and always wondered why the only things you’s see growing near them was asparagus and tomatos. My raised bed tomato patch this year is yielding some nice Beefsteak tomatos. They are the ones I remember from my childhood and they are the REAL ones. Yum Yum BLT’s tonight for supper. Hang in there kid……..Love to you and family…….Bob

  3. Hey-I hope there’s some clump of that tall grass left (the one by the sea-oats? but not the sea oats!). I would like some of that. I stopped by your place on Saturday & walked around your yard with Ernie. 🙂 You were off getting Owen glasses. If it’s ok with you, I’ll most likely stop by on Thursday late afternoon/early evening to dig it, if there’s still some.
    See you soon hopefully!