I love avocados. Love, love, love them. I buy them, and then when they are just the right buttery softness I put them in the refrigerator and plan to do something special with them.

And I wait.

And I wait.

For just the right recipe.

I look at recipes.

I wait some more.

Eventually we pull the sadly dented, overripe things out. I cut into them and sigh and throw them away.

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I do the same thing with pomegranates. Every fall I see pomegranates at the grocery store and I just LUST after those crimson, juicy, crunchy, spurting seeds! I implore Ernie to buy them and he does and we put them in the refrigerator. 

And I wait for just the right recipe.

And I wait.

And I wait.

I plan, I look at recipes and I wait.

And several months later Ernie impatiently (I suppose actually he's rather patient) throws away the little shrunken leathery brownish balls they have become.

Why do I DO that?

I do it with emails and cards too. I want to take the time to write something thoughtful so I put it off until I can take the time to do it.

Big mistake.

Hence the blank sympathy card (sorry Pat and Diane) and thank you card (sorry Van) that I finally took OUT of my purse because they were getting beat up and now sit in the living room on the ottoman…waiting for the just the right time for me to find the perfect words.

The other day the avocados at the store looked PERFECT. So I bought a handful and took them home and put them in the refrigerator. And last night….I USED two of them…and it was perfect.

We had some flounder, just done in a bit of olive oil with panko bread crumbs and a dash of smoked paprika. Corn on the cob and this beautiful salad that was nothing more than sliced tomatoes, slivered red onion, sliced avocado, salt, pepper, fresh tarragon, a few dashes of red wine vinegars and some nice olive oil. 

It was the star of the plate.

I am so proud of myself for using those avocados.

Now I just have to remember the use the others….

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10 thoughts on “Avocados Are the New Pomegranate

  1. Your recipe sounds AWESOME, but as a way to use avocados, what’s wrong with guacamole? It’s a great excuse to have chips for dinner. (Add some righteous black bean salsa, and you’ve actually got a meal with some nutritional content!)

  2. I hear ya! Ask me how many packages of tofu I have bought over the years, and I never, ever used one of them! That salad looks divine!

  3. Let me dig up my ‘Carrot Coins with Avocado’ recipe. Basically, roast carrots, 1/2 slices. Olive oil, salt, cumin & a dash of cayenne. I usually add a little honey, too. Put in bowl, add diced avocado that has been tossed with lemon juice. Sea salt & pepper, et voilá!

  4. Done that! I make a very similar salad, I call it unconstructed quac.
    I also make a tasty salad with butter lettuce, red onion, oranges, avocado and a wonderful lime dressing topped with sugared almonds.

  5. I love love love avocados too! But! I love to Rock the Guac! We love guacamole here. Your salad looks divine, and I like the sounds of Sasha’s recipe too. Avocados are SO good for a person…eat them! 🙂

  6. I love avocados too – usually just eat them with cheese and mayo in a sandwhich. Your recipe looks great and love guacamole too. It can get too late for the avocados and pomegranates, but never too late for the cards.